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We're just like you.

ASVAC is an all-volunteer force. Our members range in age from 16 to 60+, and have diverse backgrounds and professions. We have lawyers, scientists, teachers, and businesspeople too - and that doesn't even cover the full corps.

We're not just limited to adults, too. ASVAC has a dedicated, enthusiastic junior corps of Ardsley High School students. With their parents' and teachers' permission, and if their grades are maintained, they are permitted to leave school during the day to ride calls.  

Among our many accomplishments, our teams have saved heart attack victims, delivered babies on the Thruway, pulled victims out of automobile accidents, splinted broken bones and reassured new parents with feverish children - just to name a few.  Just as often, we offer a soothing, supportive voice to individuals and families in crisis.  

It is a good feeling to know you have made a positive difference in someone's life.  When you call 911, well-trained, caring, and passionate friends and neighbors will respond to your call for help. 


IMG_4121 (1).heic
Christopher Rich
Nisha Nambiar
First Lieutenant
Melissa Jhunja
Second Lieutenant


Morry S.jpg
Mory Silbiger
Chairman of the Board
Tony S.jpg
Tony Rabadi
Riding Member / Secretary of the Board
Greg Khitrov.jpg
Greg Khitrov
Riding Member
Frank Doherty
Riding Member
Bernie Preiser 6646.jpg
Bernie Preissor
Non-Riding Member
Clark Hung
Non-Riding Member
jay leon 1428.jpg
Jay Leon
Non-Riding Member
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