Instructions for the file of LIFE :

  • First Print The form Below

  • Fill Out The From and be sure all the information is accurate and legible. If necessary have some one assist you if you need help Call Tony at 914-494-1402

  • Use Pencil where you fill in your medication to allow updates. Whenever there is a change in medications or dosages be sure to change it on your card.

  • Place the form and your DO NOT RESUSCITATE (DNR) and MOLST form In ZIPLOCK bag taped to the outsdie of your refrigerator

Do not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders

(DNR) order is the order for healthcare providers not to perform CPR on a patient with cardiac arrest. DNR orders are unique because CPR is the only medical intervention that requires an order not to administer it.

DNR orders come from physicians, not from patients. If a patient wants CPR to be withheld, he or she has to discuss the decision with a physician to get the order written.

If the patient is unable to actually discuss her wishes with the doctor, there are different end-of-life documents that cover a patient's wishes called advance directives. Advance directives help guide physicians' decisions if the patient can't be consulted.

Durable powers of attorney allow others (often family members) to make decisions for an incapacitated patient, usually within guidelines outlined in the document. It's common for families to use a combination of durable power of attorney and advance directive to help the physician make the call.